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2007-11-10 07:07:12 by tgmonkeyman

my mind is crazed. i really wanna be good at flash and stuff, but im no good at art and impatient.

help anyone?


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2007-11-10 13:37:48

Sure, ill help, be nice, put in age and shit, dont be an alt.
Read the BBS rules, do some more reviews, and get moar favourites.


2007-12-04 16:08:28

I have a suggestion :) Why not take a song you like, and try your best to animate it? You learn ALOT from the process, and it's quite fun too :)

I'm no good at drawing either, so what? Is that going to stop you? Go out and prove them wrong!

tgmonkeyman responds:

yeah im doing that at the mo thanks alot ^^


2007-12-16 11:43:43

If you can't draw then flash isn't for you.


2008-03-08 13:13:39

Truth was here


2008-03-18 23:56:12

Try your hand at writing, that's what I do.